Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Begin, Again.

I have had a lot to say for a long time. Sometimes I just have a hard time finding my voice. Or my forum. My blog was my everything. And time passed and hearts were broken and dreams were crushed my and blog changed. Twice. And I regret letting go of those beginnings,, only because the reason I let go was due to the fact that my words were being used as a tool against me. To be fair no words were lost. They were just brought from one page to another. It was the principle of it all I suppose.But I am one to let loss linger. To feel like I can save things for later. Cutting ties seems so hard. And yet so easy. I cut them quicker than I like to believe. I also feel longer than I admit.

Reagardless. Here I am. Back on a page I long ago discarded. One that I thought couldn't be reused. New beginnings of an old life. So here I am.

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