Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Canadians from Australian Lives, in Canada

You asked how the day was. All at once I realized there were not many words to describe it, yet it was a day that was almost perfect. It reawakened so much in me that felt long gone. It reminded me of a life that existed.

It has been nineteen months. So long. An eternity. And yet I had twenty five months there. A life. I had a home, jobs, uni, friends, favourite places. A real life. How do you explain that to someone that has never been there and doesn't know any of those people or places? How can you relate that life without having tangible things to show for it? It makes it feel like it wasnt sure some times. Like I never left everything I had ever known behind and just got on a plane. But I did. I cried in the airport with Kaity when I realized what was happening. When I reached the point of no return. And then I left. Everything changed in those months. I changed. I had all of these experiences that will never quite be understood by those that were not a part of it.

So having my home girl here this week has reminded me that it is real. Night one we gossiped for hours about every person we had known there, just trying to recap where everyone was now. How all of our lives had changed. We laughed about events with our two best friends. We laughed at our own stupidity. I felt alive. Another day and some has passed and it almost doesnt feel real. The release of talking about my Australian with another Canadian that was Australian with me is incredible. The realization that in these days and moments our lives are in the exact same place seems too good to be true. To have someone else awaiting results and wishing she could move back to the sunshine of Brissy just feels like I am looking at myself. Like my emotions have created another human to express themselves to me.

These days are expressed to other people in a wordless manner. I cannot explain how the day was. It was perfect. It was like reliving my life without being back there. It was perfect.

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