Thursday, 7 August 2014

Not All Dinosaurs Were Equally Dumb

Some dinosaurs were clearly dumber. I mean look at the Stegosaurus with its tiny brain in comparison to it's body. Now look at the Trodon. Clearly a specimen to admire with it's agility, innate sense of smell for hunting and its coordination. But even with these skills that seem so far out of reach for my human self it is said that those intelligent dinosaurs really were only as smart as our modern day ostriches which in turn are correlated to our D average students. And that is not me.  Thus I must be smarter than Trodons and T-Rex's, at least in theory.

 If only this knowledge actually made me feel smarter or accomplished. The past few days everyone has been asking about the dreaded exam. And when I say everyone I actually mean it. A lady that takes my pilates class asked incessantly, a coworker, my mother, my brother. Everyone that sees me is asking! I want to punch them all in the head. What part of "6-8 weeks and I have already failed before so am trying to move on an not think about another impending, heart crushing failure", do people not understand? I hate questions like that. Prying questions that people have no business asking. I feel an urge to let them know that they are so similar to the Stegosaurus, brains that leave them equivalent to ferns. To explain that I already rake the pains of failure over my open wounds incessantly and don't need other external reminders of the struggles I can't get over. 

I wonder how the Trodon's had patience for the Stegosaurus. Did they not feel frustrated at the lack of comprehension? Or did they just kill them in one fell swoop, appreciating the easy target? I need to meet with success before I cannot control my frustration any longer and end up tearing someone apart when they just think they are being considerate asking about my life.

Not all dinosaurs were equally dumb. Not all humans are equally smart. But I think we both had struggles in our own way. Maybe I just need better perspective and to realize that perhaps the Stegosaurus was happy in its complacency. That I am not as smart as I thought I was and failure was inevitable at some point. Maybe I just need to to take some time feeling like a Stegosaurus to appreciate what I had when I lived that high life of academic success. 

This Trodon surely can regain its brains somehow.

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