Saturday, 30 August 2014

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Ten years. I still remember the post it. Your brother had given me a list of bands to check out one time after he cut class with me and we went to taste of chaos. It worked out because I was 16 and could drive, he was still 15. The list included spill canvas, pretty girls make graces and death can for cutie, among others.

In a mere 15 minutes I will finally be seeing death cab live. Words cannot express this. I have literally waited ten years. I have been in the wrong city so many times. I nearly saw Ben Gibbard last year on his Postal Service tour, I had even driven 14 hours for it. But alas, the band fell ill and the concert was cancelled only hours before my life was to be fulfilled. This time it is happening.

The claustrophobia hangs in the back of my mind as the crowd around me draws closer. The potent smell of marijuana lingers just moments after being offered a toke. The surroundings are so familiar. I used to be young and love for shows like this. When did I become an old lady at 26? But I am here. My lungs burn and I am standing strong. This moment will not be taken.

My husband proposed as a guitarist played I will follow you into the dark. It was again played at our first dance. Death cab also spent many nights being the background as I slept and days drifting through my yoga classes. It has defined my life, lived through my best and my worst. And now we are to be together.

Thank you for letting your brother go to that concert with me even though it was weird. He enriched my life in a way no one will know. But today thank you, for giving me this.

Eight minutes until my mind is blown.

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