Monday, 22 September 2014

Rings Of Marriage

As he sat on my lap in church he reached for my ring and said "you got married Lauren". Yes sweetie, I did get married. " You got married to Jeff." Yes I did. " He looks over at Jeff and points to his ring, " Jeff you got married." His sister chimes in, "we were at their wedding, remember." The rest of the afternoon he was telling Jeff that he got married but had seemed to forget that I was married and denied me being married to Jeff.

It was a weekend full of children. My two little ones came for a sleepover. They seem to be growing so fast. I was worried Jeff would be overwhelmed with all of the children time. I let him sleep while I got up and made them breakfast Sunday morning but after that Jeff played with them as if they were ours. It amazes me how natural it comes. I think he worries too much about what it will be like to have our kids. But he will be amazing. Although it was exhausting. After I took them home Sunday arvo we napped. Maybe we really arent that ready. Kids are exhausting, but loving. The simplest things make them happy and they make me so overjoyed. But perhaps the best part was just seeing how natural my husband is with kids, how calmly he can pick them up and through them over a shoulder, or let them snuggle in on the couch as he tries to reply to emails.

We got married.

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